The Occupation (March 31, 2012)

 What do I have to say about the Israeli Occupation inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories today?

Wrong is wrong, there is nothing good about the Occupation.

If we lived in an earlier time and it was Nazi Germany versus Fascist Israel being discussed in internet discussions, would people actually say to me on internet discussion boards, speak good about them, say something good about them? I expect there would be people saying that, it is sad for me to say. But, unfortunately, we live in a world where people support human rights abuses and the rights of nations to keep committing human rights abuses. That is their choice of causes to embrace and support, nations committing crimes against humanity, with impunity.

But concentration camps are not good, not the concentration camps in past Nazi Germany, nor the concentration camp Israel maintains in Gaza, that daily robs 1.7 million Palestinians of their basic human rights and human needs. Occupations are not good. That never changes, no mattter who operates them, concentration camps and/or  Occupations. And people of conscience will speak out against these crimes against humanity, that daily rob human beings of liberties and life and human dignity and human respect, as long as the atrocities continue to be committed..

Injustices and human rights abuses of an Occupation that injure and kill children nonstop for 45 years, as Israel’s Occupation of Palestine has done, and words raised against them by people  of conscience in our world, are never just noise to me and other human beings of conscience, they are Injustices that must be brought into the Light and Injustices people of conscience must and will speak out against. That is exactly as it should be.

No one person can address all injustices in our world, we have to let God lead us to those He wants each of our minds on. That is my belief, anyway. I know a woman whose passion is stopping Vampire books from being made available to children in Schoolastic book fairs and book orders in schools. That is not something I can find myself feeling much passion about, but I have learned there are websites frequented these days by young people who truly think they are Vampires. So, obviously there is a real problem in our world associated with all of the huge volumes of Vampire books made available to young children in schools, and I expect there are persons God calls to address that problem, like the woman who I know is doing. So, I have nothing but respect for her and her passion, that God has placed in her heart..

Back to the Occupation, I found myself recently rereading what The International Court of Justice tells us about Israel’s Occupation in Palestine, and I am going to provide a quote from that legal court Opinion, by the Highest Court in our world, right here, to remind myself and anyone who might read this exactly what intl law tells us all about Israel’s 45+ year Occupation in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and what the Court tells us about the illegal Isreali settlements in those Occupied lands (the illegal settlers now number between 700,000 to 750,000) 

” The Court determines the rules and principles of international law which are relevant to the question posed by the General Assembly.  The Court begins by citing, with reference to Article 2, paragraph 4, of the United Nations Charter and to General Assembly resolution 2625 (XXV), the principles of the prohibition of the threat or use of force and the illegality of any territorial acquisition by such means, as reflected in customary international law.  It further cites the principle of self‑determination of peoples, as enshrined in the Charter and reaffirmed by resolution 2625 (XXV).  As regards international humanitarian law, the Court refers to the provisions of the Hague Regulation of 1907, which have become part of customary law, as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 1949, applicable in those Palestinian territories which before the armed conflict of 1967 lay to the east of the 1949 Armistice demarcation line (or “Green Line”) and were occupied by Israel during that conflict.  The Court further notes that certain human rights instruments (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) are applicable in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

          The Court ascertains whether the construction of the wall has violated the above‑mentioned rules and principles.  It first observes that the route of the wall as fixed by the Israeli Government includes within the “Closed Area” (between the wall and the “Green Line”) some 80 percent of the settlers living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Recalling that the Security Council described Israel’s policy of establishing settlements in that territory as a “flagrant violation” of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Court finds that those settlements have been established in breach of international law.  It further considers certain fears expressed to it that the route of the wall will prejudge the future frontier between Israel and Palestine;  it considers that the construction of the wall and its associated régime “create a ‘fait accompli’ on the ground that could well become permanent, in which case, . . . [the construction of the wall] would be tantamount to de facto annexation”.  The Court notes that the route chosen for the wall gives expression in loco to the illegal measures taken by Israel, and deplored by the Security Council, with regard to Jerusalem and the settlements, and that it entails further alterations to the demographic composition of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  It finds that the “construction [of the wall], along with measures taken previously, . . . severely impedes the exercise by the Palestinian people of its right to self‑determination, and is therefore a breach of Israel’s obligation to respect that right.”

“The territories situated between the Green Line (see paragraph 72

above) and the former eastern boundary of Palestine under the Mandate

were occupied by Israel in 1967 during the armed conflict between Israel

and Jordan. Under customary international law, these were therefore

occupied territories in which Israel had the status of occupying Power.

Subsequent events in these territories, as described in paragraphs 75 to 77

above, have done nothing to alter this situation. All these territories

(including East Jerusalem) remain occupied territories and Israel has continued

to have the status of occupying Power.”

Page 35 of Full Opinion




Truth? What does this word mean? Jesus is the Truth, the Llfe, and the Way.  And only Truth sets us free. What does that mean?Truth is a path to walk down  as we struggle through life. Truth is God, revealed through the Holy Spirit to children of God.                                                                                                                                                             We confront Injustice with Truth, I know this to be true. We never control how others respond to Truth, but we always have complete control over our responses to circumstances in our lives. And we embrace Truth, no matter how painful Truth may be. God will always give us Grace sufficient to face and confront Truth with. There is Freedom in Truth, nowhere else does such Freedom lie What is my most earnest Prayer? That I may walk in the path of Truth every day for as long as I draw breath, and that I am always on the path to becoming the person God created me to be. 

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