Truth? What does this word mean? Jesus is the Truth, the Llfe, and the Way.  And only Truth sets us free. What does that mean?Truth is a path to walk down  as we struggle through life. Truth is God, revealed through the Holy Spirit to children of God.                                                                                                                                                             We confront Injustice with Truth, I know this to be true. We never control how others respond to Truth, but we always have complete control over our responses to circumstances in our lives. And we embrace Truth, no matter how painful Truth may be. God will always give us Grace sufficient to face and confront Truth with. There is Freedom in Truth, nowhere else does such Freedom lie What is my most earnest Prayer? That I may walk in the path of Truth every day for as long as I draw breath, and that I am always on the path to becoming the person God created me to be. 


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