A Song Of Peace

A Song Of Peace.

Verse 4

Peace, Salam, Shalom.

Peace speaks to our Hearts.

Peace beckons us ever onward.

So elusive, so sweet.

Peace tells us, one day there will be no more wars.

One day, there will be no more pain and suffering.

And one day, there will be an end to all injustice.

God cries out to us, let us open our ears and hear.

My children, be beacons of light in this world,

In this vast sea of darkness.

And when the wars start again,

As we all know they will.

Wars fueled by mistrust and hate for one another.

Let us not be afraid, for God is beside us every step that we take.

And when the bombs start to fall, and the children cry out in pain.

And the world seems consumed with nothing but hate and pain, let us reach out and love.

Let us do everything we can, to help those who are hurting, enemy or friend.

Let us open wide our arms, and show everyone who is hurting, God’s Love


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