Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray Let us pray in the morning, as the sun lights up our world Let us pray for God to lead and guide us throughout our day Let us pray for every person, may they feel your love, God, and turn to you, this day Each one of us, your special creations, molded into who we are God, with your own hands And let us thank you, Our Lord, for this beautiful gift of life, and the wonderful gift of your Son Let us pray, let us pray Remember Jesus, how he sacrificed his life, as he died on that cross Remember how He gave up His life to save us all from our sins Remember that Jesus died to glorify His Father, and out of his love for us Let us remember Jesus words, He tells us to love one another, the same way He loved us Jesus calls us to live a life of sacrifice, we each have our own crosses to bare So, let us each embrace our crosses and love one another the way He calls us to do It’s where pain and God’s love come together Such a beautiful place , such a beautiful place Let us pray, let us pray Sherri


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