I started this blog, in large part as a response to increasing censorship I have personally been encountering on a discussion board I have been a participant on now for about 6 years.

The discussion board is Beliefnet, and here I record, at the end of this article, the incident I just encountered with censorship.  

I want to point out a few things, about this censorship.

My post is deleted for “personal insult,” as I am having a discussion with a poster who I have no disagreement with, who I am in absolutely no fashion insulting.

I am confronting the issue of how people with messages that raise uncomfortable truths are attacked, and I give illustrations, the Jews killed Prophets, like the Prophet Isaiah, and Jesus, This is FACT recorded in my Christian Bible. This is being brought up because another poster responded to substantive comments by a third party by labelling the person as antiSemitic and refusing to respond to anything substantively this person had to say.

I am about to the point I am ready to stop posting altogether on Beliefnet. When truth is censored, and practically any references to Jesus is called Proselytizing and deleted, and personal discussions with posters are deleted as off topic, there becomes no reason to post on a discussion board. After all, what is the purpose of a Christian’s life, to share the Gospel and to share our lives with others. when we are not allowed to do either, in discussions, there is no purpose in having discussions at all. They become pointless and a waste of time..  

“Apr  4, 07:53PM

A moderator has deleted one of your forum posts in the thread “Get to Know the People Involved in the Global March on Jerusalem”.

Reason: Personal insult

Notes: your post, copied below, is an obvious personal attack against a member. Don’t do this! rangferken 5 hours ago  ::  Apr 04, 2012 – 4:41PM #60 Report Post Delete Edit Quick Reply Quote Multi-Quote SherriMunnerlyn SherriMunnerlyn Posts: 7,067
Apr 4, 2012 — 5:05AM, Dostojevsky wrote:
It appears you have nothing to offer in order to contradict Shamir and point out where he is wrong. This is understandable as these things have been documented long time ago.
Much easier to attack the messenger than face the message.
Accusing him of anti-Semitism appears to have no effect.


When people cannot deal with Truth, all that is left is for them to do is attack the Messenger.
This is a tale as old as time.
We see the truth of this in the fate of the Prophet Isaiah.
We see the truth of this in the Easter story.
And we see it today in Israeli supporters attacks on Messengers who speak against the Occupation.


Here is a link to the discussion board and discussion thread that my post was deleted on.


Sherri Munnerlyn

April 4, 2012


One thought on “Censorship

  1. I am going to record new incidents of censorship through replies to my blog post on Censorship.

    This is an email I received April 14, 2012

    A moderator has deleted one of your forum posts in the thread “Helen Thomas Honored at PLO Event in Washington”.

    Reason: Other

    Notes: You have been asked to stop trying to change a thread’s topic. Adding material that has long since been proven to be false (that Jenin thing that never happened) is also unacceptable. I’m telling you clearly to sttop doing this! Rangerken 8 hours ago :: Apr 15, 2012 – 4:38AM #85 Report Post Delete Edit Quick Reply Quote Multi-Quote SherriMunnerlyn SherriMunnerlyn Posts: 7,087 The Israeli Occupation of Palestine that Helen Thomas spoke out against, that she was honored for speaking out against in the ceremony addressed in the OP, here is a description of military operations carried out in that unjust Occupation: “I have been in urban environments where house to house fighting has happened: Rwanda, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, and a city struck by a massive earthquake: Mexico city. The devastation seen in Jenin camp had the worst elements of both situations. Houses not just bulldozed or dynamited but reduced almost to dust by the repeated and deliberate coming and goings of bulldozers and tanks. Houses pierced from wall to wall by tank or helicopter gun ships. Houses cut down the middle as if by giant scissors. Inside, an eerie vision of dining or bedrooms almost intact. No signs whatsoever that that bedroom or dining room or indeed the house had been used by fighters. Gratuitous, wanton, unnecessary destruction. Children’s prams, toys, beds everywhere. Where were those children? I do not know, but I do know where the survivors will be in the future.” [Javier Zuniga Amnesty International’s Director of Regional Strategy who entered Jenin refugee camp on 17 April 2002″ amnesty.org/en/library/asset/MDE15/143/2… Helen Thomas was rightly honored at the PLO event addressed in the OP, for her lifetime achievements speaking out against the Isreali Occupation inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Sherri

    My reply to this email:


    Jenin human rights abuses did happen, as reported by Amnesty in that report and by others, and Jenin human rights abuses are a part of the 45 year Occupation Helen Thomas was honored for speaking out against in the OP. My post was directly relevant to the OP.

    Is cernsoring Truth the Beliefnet way?

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