Helen Thomas, A Fellow Human Being Who Is Not Afraid To Speak Truth

It was like a witch hunt, the way everyone seemed to go after Helen Thomas, to force her to retire in 2010.

But all she did was speak Truth.

She said Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home,” in a conversation with Rabbi David Nesenoff captured on video on May 27, 2010. 

Jews, i.e, the illegal Jewish settlers, should all get the hell out of Palestine, i.e., the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Their presence there violates the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Their presence there is a war crime.

We have the International Court of Justice, the highest court in our world, confirming that the settlers live in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in violation of international law.


I admire Helen Thomas for not being afraid to speak Truth, to speak an uncomfortable truth to a world that cannot handle Truth.

Just think a moment of the ones who came before her, doing as she did.

We have the Prophet Isaiah, he spoke of the Injustices of his own people to the Jewish people.

Isaiah 1:16 “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil.” 

King Manasseh had the Prophet Isaiah killed, two rabinnic traditions describe how he was killed; in both cases he was ordered sawn in two by King (of Judah) Manesseh while in a cedar tree. This act is referenced in Hebrews 11:27.

Jesus was the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

Jews had him killed for that. Luke 22 and Luke 23.



2 thoughts on “Helen Thomas, A Fellow Human Being Who Is Not Afraid To Speak Truth

  1. The Israeli Occupation of Palestine that Helen Thomas has spoke out against, in her life, that she was recently honored for doing by the PLO in an event earlier this month, here is a description of military operations carried out in that unjust Occupation:

    “I have been in urban environments where house to house fighting has happened: Rwanda, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, and a city struck by a massive earthquake: Mexico city. The devastation seen in Jenin camp had the worst elements of both situations. Houses not just bulldozed or dynamited but reduced almost to dust by the repeated and deliberate coming and goings of bulldozers and tanks. Houses pierced from wall to wall by tank or helicopter gun ships. Houses cut down the middle as if by giant scissors. Inside, an eerie vision of dining or bedrooms almost intact. No signs whatsoever that that bedroom or dining room or indeed the house had been used by fighters. Gratuitous, wanton, unnecessary destruction. Children’s prams, toys, beds everywhere. Where were those children? I do not know, but I do know where the survivors will be in the future.”

    [Javier Zuniga Amnesty International’s Director of Regional Strategy who entered Jenin refugee camp on 17 April 2002″


    Helen Thomas was rightly honored at the PLO event earlier this month, for her lifetime achievements speaking out against the Isreali Occupation inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 


  2. The human rights groups tell us Israel is unlawfully killing/murdering in their reports after one investigation after another, in this Occupation Helen Thomas has been honored for speaking out against, year in and year out, and this has been going on now for over 45 years, the life of the Occupation inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. We all choose to believe or disbelieve them, it is that simple.

    And people of conscience, like Helen Thomas, will keep speaking out against the Israeli Occupationof Palestine and all it encompasses, such as Israel’s endless and continuing murders of civilians and defenseless and innocent children as long as they continue. Btselem documented 759 Palestinians not participating in the hostilities killed by Israel during Cast Lead.

    What is lower than this civilian slaughter and child slaughter that is carried out in this despicable Occupation by the Israeli Regime? Nothing in this world. I am not saying there are not others killing civilians in despicable ways, present and past, but nothing anyone else does or has done anywhere else takes away from the atrocities of this Israeli Occupation in Palestine. Killing a child is killing a child, killing an innocent civilian is killling an innocent civilian.

    And taking this back to the topic once again, Christian and American Helen Thomas, she spoke out against this unjust Israeli Occupation and the unlawful killings/murders, and that justified her being honored by the PLO.

    She, now in her 90’s, can bear her criticisms all as badges of honor, she can sleep at night and look at herself in the mirror knowing she was not silent in the face of the unjust Israeli Occupation inside Palestine, nor was she an apologist for Israeli murderers of the innocent and children or a denier or defender of these crimes against humanity. She confronted injustice with Truth, she was not afraid to take the stand it was her destiny/calling to take. What can be greater than this to accomplish in a life? Ending well, being steadfast, persevering, she shows us all what that means, what it looks like in a long life, lived well.

    I applaud Helen Thomas for her accomplishments, and I wish her well, and look forward to one day meeting her in Heaven and hearing from her, her story, all about her struggles to take a stand against the injustices of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, in her life.


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