The Palestinian Hunger Strikers, Today’s Gandhis

CPT calls for a fast for the Palestinian prisoners, to begin at 7:00  AM on May 15. I assume we go by our own clocks on this. CPT Palestine calls this fast out of grave concern about the health of the prisoners, and as an act of solidarity, team members will be joining the fast.

I have been thinking all mornning about how much these prisoners, thousands of men, women, and children,  unlawfully detained and unlawfully treated, so much resemble Jesus Christ, sacrificing self for the love of others.

I also cannot help but think about how we, the world, we never learn lessons from our history, and how the people today in Palestine are responding to those detained in Palestine today, as Jesus was detained 2000 years ago, the very same way they responded to Jesus 2000 years ago. We, the world, are subjecting them to Injustice and Death.

And history repeats itself, over and over again. I think about India’s struggle for Independence, the nonviolent struggle for freedom for the people waged by Gandhi, the opposition it was met with, and how Gandhi was killed in this struggle.

I think about the American Civii Rights Movement in the US, Martin Luther King Jr’s struggle for equal rights for black Americans, the opposition he faced, the silence of the white Church’s in the South to the injustices of racism and discrimination, and how Martin Luther King, Jr was killed in that struggle.

But, we know from the stories of these three men, that responding to Injustice with nonviolent resistance yields Victory, and this knowledge should fill us all with energy and hope for our Future.

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) ACTION ALERT: Fast with the prisoners of Palestine…

CPT also addresses harsh collective punishment Israel is carrying out inside the prisons, punishing the prisoners engaged in the hunger strike. The prisoners are being fined “between 250 (€50) and 500 (€100) shekels for each day of their  strike.”  In Naqab prison, CPT reports prisoners are experiencing daily random inspections that last for approximately forty to fifty minutes. ” These inspections include cell and body searches.  In addition, prisoners are no longer permitted to leave their rooms for the daily break period.



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